Team Tuesday

Team Tuesday x Juri Breitfeld

Team Tuesday x Juri Breitfeld

Today we want to introduce you to Juri Breitfeld Dual Student at bluplanet

bluplanet: Why did you decide to work at bluplanet?
Juri: I was looking for a way to seamlessly integrate my digitization driven and Salesforce focused studies with a job, where I can apply and deepen my knowledge. Furthermore I wanted to work with inspiring and very experienced colleagues, who constantly strive to expand the horizon. For me this was perfectly matched in the bluplanet universe.

bluplanet: What are your responsibilities at bluplanet?
Juri: I am in part responsible for our digital marketplace. As well as developing my skills to be able to administer our Salesforce platform and in the future offer pre sales support by building product demos. My goal is to help out every part of our team.

bluplanet:What makes working at bluplanet so special?
Juri: bluplanet has a very unique team dynamic and spirit, every single team member pushes to achieve the team goal.

bluplanet: What matters most to you?
Juri: Spending time with the people closest to me - my family and friends.
Another valuable part of my life is traveling, meeting new people and discovering different cultures has something really special about it.

bluplanet: What´s your life-hack?
Juri: I try to go for a run every morning, hereby I am able to sort my thoughts early in the day, be connected to nature and have physical exercise. This results in me being more focused and relaxed throughout my day.


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