A look back at the first bluplanet Business Campfire

Hannah Widera 20. May 2022

bluplanet OMR Business Campfire

"Looking back, a good outlook into the digital future." The bluplanet Business Campfire for the first time as Breakfast Edition in Hamburg

Our exclusive event series bluplanet Business Campfire took place in its first version as the Breakfast Edition and was the ideal kick-off event for this year's OMR Festival in Hamburg. As a heartfelt thank you for their loyalty, this special invitation was extended to our customers and partners, the digital pioneers at our side.

In the extraordinary rooftop lounge of the Design Offices in Hamburg's Neustadt they met experts, local heroes and hidden champions of the digital scene. Over a delicious breakfast buffet, our guests exchanged ideas on the latest trends in marketing, challenges and strategies in digital business. Our customers were able to generously expand their own network and gather valuable insights for the industries that are important to them. Agillic, our new resell partner in the portfolio, also gave input on the new partnership and an insight into its omnichannel marketing platform.

Freshly prepared, we then went together to the OMR Speaker's Conference, the heart of the OMR Festival to listen to a bunch of extremely interesting speakers such as Ashton Kutcher, Quentin Tarantino, Scott Galloway and of course OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer himself with his valuable presentation on "The State of the German Internet".

"I enjoyed the personal atmosphere of the event and really profited from the network and speaker that bluplanet provided. The OMR Festival we attended afterwards was very inspiring - stuffed with exciting insights, happy networking and an extraordinary party!"

- Lisa Bennewitz, CFO Schüttflix

bluplanet OMR Business Campfire

bluplanet OMR Business Campfire

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