Team Tuesday x Julius Diesenbruch

Kristina Drenker 12. April 2022

Julius Diesenbruch | Intern Sales Operations

Today we want to introduce you to Julius Diesenbruch, Intern Sales Operations at bluplanet

bluplanet 🌎: Why did you decide to work at bluplanet?
Julius: I'm working at bluplanet as part of my 6-month internship, which is mandatory in my university major, Economics and Politics. When bluplanet contacted me and presented their company and values to me, I knew I wanted to take on this challenge. I saw doing my internship here as an opportunity to learn something new and experience the development and design of a new company.

bluplanet 🌎: What are your responsibilities at bluplanet?
Julius: I support the Sales Team in their operations and help out wherever I can. In addition to that, I use my time as an intern to get a good view of how things work in different parts of the company.

bluplanet 🌎: What makes working at bluplanet so special?
Julius: Bluplanet is a startup and a rather young company, doing my internship here is a completely new experience. It is exciting to see how a new company forms itself and that every employee can contribute to that process. I think bluplanet is a perfect example of how working culture can be positively influenced by digitization to create a new and better working environment.

bluplanet 🌎: What matters most to you?
Julius: My family and friends and spending time with them. But also always trying to learn new things and acquire new skills that bring me forward and make me the best I can be.

bluplanet 🌎: What‘s your life-hack?
Julius: Try to be the best version of yourself, make the best of your opportunities and always take on new challenges!

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