Team Tuesday x Tilo Schreiber

Kristina Drenker 02. November 2021

Tilo Schreiber | Account Executive

Today we want to introduce you to Tilo Schreiber, Account Executive at bluplanet

bluplanet 🌍: Why did you decide to work at bluplanet?
Tilo: I worked in large organizations with rigid processes for multiple years and wanted to take over new exciting tasks where my ideas have a direct impact on the company and the customers. Working at bluplanet, I can experience both, a start-up mindset mixed with a very safe and stable business model since we are selling Salesforce licenses and the products already have market penetration and is well known. 🚀
bluplanet 🌍: What are your responsibilities at bluplanet?
Tilo: As an Account Executive at bluplanet I qualify the leads, feed the sales pipeline with opportunities, and close the deals for Salesforce licenses.
bluplanet 🌍: What makes working at bluplanet so special?
Tilo: It is really exciting to work in a fast-growing company where I can trailblaze the path of the company with my ideas 💡 and that I can work from anywhere.
bluplanet 🌍: What matters most to you?
Tilo: That everybody in my private and professional environment is open-minded for the diverse ways of how one can live their lives. May it be the country they were born, gender or sexuality, to me diversity enriches all of our lives. 🌈 
bluplanet 🌍: What’s your life hack? ⛏
Tilo: If you want to fill a bucket with water 💦 but the sink is too small just take a bottle and cut a hole near the bottom of the bottle and put a hole under the valve. Now the water can flow over the sink directly into the bucket. 🪣 

Not quite sure how this is supposed to work? Feel free to send Tilo a private message and find out. 📧

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