Our four pillars of success

Our culture is guided by four core values that serve as the foundation for our decisions, actions, and communication.

Together for a better future

Our Values


Nothing is more important to the bluplanet team than the trust we have with our customers.


Consistently providing new, innovative solutions gives our customers a competitive advantage.

Customer Success

Our customers’ success is critical to our success, we’re committed to succeeding together.


Ensuring that all voices are welcome and heard increases our awareness of what is possible.

Climate protection at bluplanet

We are a verified member of the Leaders For Climate Action

The initiative aims to bring together entrepreneurs who want to put their influence at the service of a net-zero carbon strategy.

At bluplanet, our vision is to unite as a force for good and collaborate with others to drive scalable change for our planet and our society. We want to prove that purpose and profit can go hand in hand to create value along the way.

With this in mind, we look forward to being part of the incredible Leaders For Climate Action network and leading the way for our employees, customers and partners. For us, this is just one of several next steps in promoting climate neutrality.

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How much time does it take to make a difference?

We need just 5 minutes to brush our teeth, make a coffee, or water our plants. What if, in the same amount of time, each of us could help the planet? Join us in making a difference today!

Take Action

Pledge 1%

The 1-1-1 Philanthropic Model

We are a proud member of the Pledge 1% Corporate Philanthropy Movement. Pledge 1% is a global movement that encourages and empowers companies of all sizes and stages to donate 1% of their staff time, product, profit, and/or equity to any charity of their choosing.

You can be a driver of this movement and the culture shift that will help companies stand at the forefront of both economic and social change.

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Inside bluplanet

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bluplanet pflanzt Bäume für den Klimaschutz

bluplanet plants trees for climate protection

bluplanet plants trees for climate protectionClimate change affects us all. Rising temperatures and increased CO2 emissions are increasingly causing long-term and serious environmental damage that ...

Diversität ein Gesicht geben

Giving diversity a face

Giving diversity a face - bluplanet is proud to show its colors Pride Month June means one thing to many companies. Showing solidarity with people who feel threatened or excluded because of their ...